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Autism & Cannabis Study

This week, we have an awesome episode where I’ve had the honor and pleasure to interview Ken Epstein CCO, and co-founder at Cannformatics about a premier quantitative study on the benefits of cannabis for children with autism and how to best prescribe cannabis for them.

Most of what we know to date about cannabis has been case-based qualitative doctor and patient accounts. This breakthrough study quantifies all that, not only helping doctors better prescribe, but also helping doctors dial in the right dosage at a faster time than what has mostly been trial and error to this date.

The paper is being published on December 7 in the scientific peer-reviewed journal Cannabis and Endocannabinoid Research.

The name of the paper is:

“Cannabis-Responsive biomarkers: A pharmacometabolomics based application to evaluate the impact of medical cannabis treatment on children with ASD”

If people have questions they can email Cannformatics at

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